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The National Association of Job Training Assistance (NAJA) is a non-profit association that sponsors annual conferences for professional development of government and non-profit workforce development professionals. Since 1982, NAJA has conducted regional workshops and national conferences that are designed to enhance the operations and performance of administrators, middle management and staff personnel of local and state agencies.  These workforce development professionals administer employment and training programs funded under the workforce investment act and other federal and state funds.  

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Our workshops are for many more than State & local workforce

Focus on Grantees & Subgrantees' Sucess

 including colleges and universities,  non-profits, commercial orgs, and faith-based orgs.  Seminars for Grantees and Subs, Community Colleges, State and local Workforce Development Professionals. Super Circular CFR 200 Impact on Workforce & Other Related Federal Grantees & Subgrantees.   How it relates to: ·  Indirect costs·  Pre-award Reviews·  Fixed Price Contracting·  Profit & Public Not-for-Profit Entities Performance Payments.  Re-Authorizing Workforce impact.   Comparing the Workforce Investment Act & the Workforce Innovations Opportunity Act. * Major Revisions & Specific Regulations* State & Local Interpretations & Practices * Authority of Local Elected Officials* Appointments of Workforce Boards  
  • Auditors
  • Accountants
  • Workforce development agencies
  • Attorneys
  • Directors
  • Adminstrators
  • Appointments of Workforce Boards