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MACEY PRINCE SWINSON:    Macey is currently the President & CEO of NAJA.  She worked over 34 years for the US Department of Labor as a Grants and Contracts professional and is a reporting expert who in the past has assisted the National Office of the Employment and Training Administration in writing reporting regulations, designing reporting formats and instructions and developing monitoring tools and policy.  She monitored, provided technical assistance and policy guidance as well as trained DOL staff and grantees' staff in formal presentations and in one-on-one sessions regarding all aspects of DOL Administrative and Financial Management.
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HEDDY YEP:  Heddy is a retired commercial banker.  She has been a volunteer at NAJA for over 30 years.  Her talent and passion for education enriches NAJA.  Follow her on FaceBook and for her latest film:  Glaucoma is a Brain Disease:  A Patient's Perspective.

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